Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am quite enjoying this song at the moment.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

THE DIVINE DEATH CAB (but not so courteous fans)

I fulfilled my teenage dream this past Thursday and finally saw Death Cab for Cutie at Brixton Academy here in London. I have raved to anybody who will listen about the new album Codes and Keys, but was pleased as punch that they played some old favourites, ahem Transatlanticism, fantastic closer. Those boys still have marvelous stage energy, though banter was quite minimal. The sound was a bit sketchy in the beginning and it was difficult to hear Ben Gibbard. He has a pretty soft voice. To my delight the opening band (The Head and The Heart) were quite good. They had a bit of a struggle with feedback during the performance, but they kept hammering on, grinning.

I was pretty astonished to find a sound lady, which must be rare! I couldn't help but deem her awesome.

It was a superb show. I left there with a moderate twinkling but not awe-struck (though I have had 'I Will Possess Your Heart' in my head ever since). Although this may have been more to do with the insolent audience. Perhaps with age and accumulating gig experience, my sensitivity to the environment has increased immeasurably. Regardless, there are a few things you just don't do. Emilia and I discussed writing GIG COMMANDMENTS because any sense of etiquette in this setting simply does not exist.

We had several groups of people plow through us. First two rather large screaming girls who kept thrusting their arms in peoples faces whilst making heart shapes out of their hands. Lame, and disrespectful to the bands. Next, big beefy dudes trampled on our feet and tossed us like weeds as they bouldered their way to the front. Not cool friends. Midway through the DCFC set a man elbowed me out of the way and shoved his girlfriend with a red wooly hat in front of me. I could no longer be passive and asked her firmly (but politely) to move. I think she was caught off guard and retreated to the other side of her boyfriend, who also seemed stunned. I believe most audience members accept these actions as the nature of the beast and aren't brazen enough to speak up.

I did manage to take a few snaps on the Ricoh. I have a few videos posted below as well!
Looking forward to My Morning Jacket on the 17th!


I DON'T DO DELICATE (very well)

At the moment I am trying to illustrate some flourishes to adorn a poster/flyer with. The aim is to create something 'delicate' and 'elegant' and apparently it is no easy task! I believe my determination to achieve perfection is hindering the process. It's a struggle transitioning from coming up with something you are pleased with to trying to ascertain what someone else has in mind. Have a look at some of my (not so sexy) sketches...

The sketches have led me in the production of the following assortment of flourishes. I am trying to keep it connected to the nature of the poster/flyer, maintaining a musical-ish theme. I tried veering towards a sort of classical/elegant style but those ones ended up looking rather silly.

So what I have is not exactly what I was striving for (which appears impossible), but sometimes you have to make what you've got work for you. Here's hoping the client is pleased.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have been thinking about the Worship publication a lot lately. It was an absolutely phenomenal project, one I wish could carry on forever. If only we could make a living producing it. Emilia and I talked about working on volume 2, and it seems like something we both want to pursue.

For now, reflecting on the experience has reminded me of all the wonderful people we met along the way. I am lamenting about not shooting portraits of said people. I barely shared the highlights on here (in an effort to preserve the images we thought we would use). Now that the project is complete, I thought I would toss a few more photographs from the research, including some that we used in the posters.

We Are Augustines Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson. Exceptionally nice guys.

The Boxer Rebellion, "sorry, can you repeat the question... all I heard was bum hole." That probably my favourite moment. Also tremendously kind fellows.

Mimi's favourite bit at Troxy

Union Chapel

Men's loos at the Luminaire