Sunday, September 28, 2014


This was my favourite part of our trip. The excitement, the car snacks and the range of topography — mountains, dunes (or giant sand mountains), an escarpment, expansive vineyards, cliffs and ocean — It was really hard not to pull over every 5 minutes as a new scenic view appeared behind the twists and bends. The sun was setting just as arrived in San Fran, and the dude on the bridge holding a heart was just too perfect. 

Highlights: The little car that could (but wanted to die), Califia Farms iced almond milk latte/mocha, More Wholefoods donuts, An Australian's 1st drive in 2 years, GPS navigational deceit, the gas station domestic (overheard), so much mist.  

Here is a little excerpt of our drive. We were listening to Little Comets at the time, so I included the audio but didn't ask their permission. Hope they don't mind! 

Final note: if you get the chance to try this iced coffee (below), DO IT! It's amazing. If only we stocked this in Canada. Sad times. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Since I had a few days of holiday left before crazy time at work this fall, my boyfriend and I decided to plan a roadtrip along the pacific coast highway this September. I was a bit apprehensive since this would be our first time away together, on a potentially stressful adventure. 

We didn't kill each other. I discovered we were actually we are pretty compatible travellers. To my delight he drove most of the way, so I was free to do some frenzied road scenery photography! 

This was our agenda:

DAY 1: We flew into LA, stayed 1 night. 
DAY 2: Collected our car and drove to San Fran 
DAY 3-4: Explored San Fran
DAY 5: Drove to the Redwoods National Park. Stayed 1 night. 
DAY 6: Drove to Portland
DAY 7: Explored Portland
DAY 8: Flew back to Toronto

Let's begin the visual documentation.

SUN, Cute birds fleeing from the tide, vegan donuts from Whole Foods, woman defecating in a park.

Part 2 coming soon!