Saturday, November 9, 2013


The craziness has begun! Weekend/late night overtime is happening. I've had the Loverboy tunes a-pumpin' in the office, so you know it's getting real. 

I wanted to share some progress with you lovely interweb people, to eradicate any notions that you think I'm sitting around on my behind munching on nachos (I might also be doing this...). 

The very first project I dabbled in at Informa is now fully underway and due in a week (cue mini scream). The 150-200 page Show Guide is coming together. If you riffle through old pages on this blog, you'll be able to see some of the early stages, if that's of any interest. I put together 30 or so pages today. Luckily I had prepared some of my stylesheets ahead of time! Still lots to be done but for now — here is a sample of some of the sections.

Be well, friends!