Sunday, September 15, 2013


I've been having quite a bit of fun creating things at work! The projects I'm currently working on have allowed me to get a little more experimental, which I love!

Of course, in the end it's all about pleasing the client!

The brief was to produce two invites  - one for an Interior Design lecture themed "mixed-use spaces" and another for an Architectural lecture with the theme of "water sustainability in Architecture."
Not the easiest concept to visualize. I really liked the idea of taking elements/textures of a space - or of different spaces and unifying them into one. Composite images seem to be a common output for my work, so I started there. I really liked the outcome, because it was softer and less hectic than the original "swatch" idea. But I was out-voted so we went with the swatch option (see final spreads).

I'm still waiting for content, so these are still a work in progress. I wanted to add some colour, but it had to blend in with the white border around the cover swatches. I really liked the colour combination of grey + turquoise (sampled from one of the swatch images). To blend in with the white, I added a gradient. By accident I applied the gradient to the text, and decided to go with it.  

The turquoise colour was found to be a bit too "feminine" and a white version (without a gradient) was preferred. We also had to fit 5 bios in, so the inside spread layout had to be reconsidered. 

Here is the white version with a more masculine colour (and 5 bios inside).

Next up, we have the Architectural invite with the water theme. The end result was very simple. 
I found a superb stock image (which I will buy tomorrow). The inside spread isn't quite there yet. 
I don't think the current bio arrangement will go over well.  I will post whatever I come up with! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 UK trip negatives

I've finally finished editing my negatives from my recent trip to the UK (London > Glasgow > Isle of Arran > Edinburgh).

 I also had a few leftovers from the music festival in Quebec/general life. Have a look below:

Sunday, September 1, 2013


It seems I've been so busy at work that I've forgotten to post.
I also haven't been doing too many relevant projects to share on here.

However! I thought I may share some bits of what I do all day at work.
My client/company puts on all kinds of trade shows and conferences across Canada.
I work for the Construction and Real Estate team, which may help put these projects into context.

I am their first (and only) in-house designer. It's a bit intimidating to lead all their creative needs by myself, but it has certainly helped build confidence in my work. It has certainly been a welcome challenge to take things that have been done the same way for 25 years and try to give it a facelift, without getting too 'designy.'

I will try to get some samples of their past collaterals to share. For now here are a few examples of what I've created for them.



SHOW GUIDE COVER – about 30 million of them and still ongoing!