Saturday, March 10, 2012

This strange short film set to Feist's "The Water" reminds me of where I am right now.

I adore Feist's latest Metals. Can't wait to see her at Bonnaroo.

 It wasn't until my visit home in October that I discovered Hey Rosetta! from out east. Oh to be in London...   

Dan Mangan's newest album Post-War Blues has been on my rotation in recent times. I mostly chose this video because I dig his Canada Post uniform shirt. One day I hope to score one for myself.

I had completely forgotten about Matt Pond until I was going through my old hardrive on account of some past music nostalgia. The Dark Leaves will forever remind me of my reflective walks in Crouch End. It always seemed to be sunny during those moments. Heavy sigh. I was going to post a video live video where Matt's obviously injured himself (as shown by the sexy gym shorts), but the sound was too muffled. The kaleidoscope is pretty awesome. 

This song was repetitiously caught in my head. No matter how many sidewalk karaoke sessions it emerged in, it stuck with me for weeks. This music video disturbs me.


I've been going stir-crazy in the forest. Since moving back home, resuming my teenage life residing with my parents, I've been bored out of my mind. I've decided to fill the London buzz void with home projects. The room I've been staying in has been begging for reorganisation. In it's present state, it simply isn't liveable. The closet is jammed with old storage boxes, my grandmother's clothes, stuffed animals and old photo albums. My belongings straight up don't fit. And I still have four giant boxes arriving by boat in a few weeks time.

My new office is in their open concept living/dining area. Productivity is not feasible when my mother is shaking her bootay on the other side of my screen, trying to get my attention. 

I spent the morning researching book shelves. I was amazed at the crafty ones people have come up with. Here are my favourites. 

Then I got hooked on seeking small office ideas, which led me to find great little houses for the back garden, thinking perhaps my mum and stepfather should throw one of these together!

I've done a good series of sketches, planning out how to transform the small room in order for it to be conducive to a working environment as well as encompass all my things. They have veto'd any drilling, so I've had to reconsider how to do this neatly. We have almost a house full of furniture stored in various places, so tonight I will go on a hunt to see what pieces I can incorporate. 

I've been enjoying the idea of building my old 'rustic' shelving. I mean, I'm in the bloody forest, there must be some slabs of useless wood lying about. These seem so easy to assemble (or find) and yet shops like Anthropologie are charging $2,000 for these pieces (round one at least).

See the 'before' state of my room plus my six year old skill level sketches below. 

Plotting closet organisation. 

General plan overview (initial)

Second draft

2D rendering, super professional!

Genius idea to shift pieces around for more storage space. 

Desk arrangement version 2.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well, I've left the buzzing culture behind and relocated to the country. I don't think I want to change the name of this blog however. Everything I post is the result of my experience in that phenomenal city. How I miss it's vibrancy.

So I shall post some music that I discovered during my time there.

What I'm listening to at the moment...

The new Maccabees album is fantastic. Vastly different from the last. It seems they've adapted their style to suit what's popular in music right now. More melodic and atmospheric than upbeat and foot–tapping. Love the woodsy scenery in their short film (below). If you have a fear of feet, don't watch!


 I was a huge fan of Kristin Gundred when she was in Grand Ole Party, so I was surprised to find how mainstream the Dum Dum Girls are. This damn song is always in my head though. Bloody catchy.


I have been digging the new Band of Skulls album Sweet Sour as well. Finding myself walking along singing the title track.


I absolutely adore Lisa Hannigan. I also happen to love this video, despite the whole thing taking place in the bath tub. She has great simple ideas for videos. The one for "What'll I do" (second down) was a filmed during a rollercoaster ride.

  That's it for now. I'll return with some Canadian discoveries!