Saturday, November 19, 2011


Not much has been going on lately! I have just been preoccupied with pumping out CVs and going to interviews, and some shifts at work.

We've had the pleasure of a string of Charlene Soraia shows, and she was back again last week.
I finally made a couple of my own videos, though all taken from my post at the door (hence they aren't very good!).

Look out for a song called "Animal" by Miss Soraia, someone else shot her playing it last month before she finished it, so to give you an idea... have a listen!

(My not so fantastic recording)

Charlene was supporting James Apollo, who was also fun to listen to! The Cadbury Sisters were sandwiched in between the acts and treated us to lovely harmonies accompanying acoustic guitar. They didn't play this Dusty Springfield cover, but I dig it!

Here's a little James Apollo for you! I missed what I considered the best song he played, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More ear treats!

Sorry for the absence once again! Life seems to whiz by me in a blur and before I realize, it has been months!

Last night we had a particularly great show at the Lamb. A miss Charlene Soraia graced the stage for the second time in the past two weeks and pretty much blew the audience (along with myself) out of the water. Not only is she an absolutely incredible guitarist and vocalist, but she's extremely kind and hilarious to boot!

Have a listen.

Another performer that I really enjoyed was Sam Airey. He's a lovely fellow with a voice reminiscent of a classic English singer.
Go listen to more.