Saturday, December 24, 2011


I apologize for my lack of posting. Most of my recent time has been spent waiting. I had a few job interviews, made it to the shortlist, but could never seal the deal. Sadness. The website has been finished, I believe. I sort of stepped out to concentrate on finding work before the ability to remain in London expired. So Hussain has done a brilliant job of taking on the whole project. Have a look at the finished site.

So what does fate have in store for me?

I'm currently taking a month-long holiday hiatus to figure out my next move. I know the struggle I will have to endure to stay in my favourite city, and the reasons keeping me there aren't enough when weighed against what is awaiting me here in Canada. Ultimately life will be easier and more fulfilling if I return. The solitary motivating factor is that I could start my own business. There has been an idea lightning storm rocking my brain and considering the endeavor has made me blissfully happy. I have some solid support behind me, so I realize that this is what I must do.

And with that, I would like to share the logos I have been working on. I only spent a few hours throwing it together so it's not perfect, but I am quite partial to it.

I think I prefer the circular version. It really depends on the building's signage availability. I've had a browse at a few commercial spaces, and one has a very long rectangular board space, and the other has virtually no space at all (the neighbour has occupied it all!).

I will keep updating the progress, as well as any design work that perpetuates from the process. The next stage will be speaking to a financial advisor, so I'm a few steps away from any further designing! Exciting!