Tuesday, December 25, 2012


You may have seen this on miss Emilia's blog already, but I finally have time to share the outcome of all our hardwork this past month.

I was introduced to the lovely (and talented) interior designer Mette Keating during the summer, who contacted me in the fall with a potential project for a booming internet company called Wattpad. Wattpad is an online platform for readers and authors to share stories, and offer feedback and support. They were looking for some illustrations to fill an empty wall in their new headquarters. That project grew from a one-wall mural into an eight-wall mural.

It had been some time since Emilia and I worked together, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The idea that everyone agreed on was using handwritten "words of Wattpad" which were collected story quotes and feedback from users.

It was finalized, printed and installed last week! I haven't been to the space yet, but these photos have been shared on facebook.

More photos and process to come! Happy Hols!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It was my boyfriend's birthday recently.
I had told him about this card idea that I dreamed up whilst riding the streetcar home one day. He thought it was silly. It was. So, I brought that card to life, and gave it to the person who inspired it (him). Apologies for the abrasive computer screen in the background, iPhone/sleep deprived photography is never the greatest.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recent work

My days at St Joseph Media are winding down. I was hired on a month ago as a "Design Assistant" after my very lovely and talented intern boss moved on to a new position at another company. The final week of my contract commences tomorrow. I thought I would share a few bits that I worked on which have recently been published in Toronto Life. Since I'm updating my portfolio, searching for the next chapter in my work life.

Building illustrations in the Sugarmoon ad

Most Influential event photo spread layout

Resizing/recreating BMW ad

Sketching holiday card for Quill & Quire

I haven't had any business cards for quite some time. I really wanted to make something that was more of an invitation than a standard business card. I have been missing screenprinting, and discovered a shop where I could get my screen exposed. Here is the outcome.

 Emilia and I have completed our top secret freelance project that we have been working like maniacs on. It feels good to finally have a scrap of free time again! We are waiting on the approval of the final design and then shall send it onwards to be printed and assembled accordingly. We're both pretty excited to see the outcome and share it with everyone. It has been absolutely magnificent reconvening as a design duo – despite the pesky ocean in the middle. As a design team we have a wonderful equilibrium, and Emilia has a great way of making hard work vastly more fun!