Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mission: Incomplete!

I'm not sure if I've posted these spreads before. A year ago I began working on a book of my poetry and film photos that I collected from over the course of my time in the UK. I didn't get very far. I didn't even format the text. I set the project down for awhile and forgot about it. I recently stumbled upon the file and have decided to start working on it again. I thought I would share these spreads for the sake of having some work to post on here. I'm hoping it will light the fire under my bottom to get creating again. I mixed a few doodles in from my sketchbook, but I'm not sure if I will include them or keep the white space. I hope I managed to fix all the spelling errors! I spent most of the time throwing this together when I was overtired.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Music! Live!

Design work has been kind of slow lately. I've also managed to befriend a rather persistent cold.
This has lead to ample time free to watch The Wire in the background while doing a bit of personal research...

I love music. I also happen to dig documentaries.

In celebration of Frank Turner's new album Tape Deck Heart, released this past Monday (April 22), I am pleased to present you with this 15-minute documentary.

I stuffed my face with oreo cookies, munching away my sadness at having to watch Coachella this year from my computer. The line up was incredible. One band I was particularly entranced by was The Gaslight Anthem. I've had the album That '59 Sound kicking around on my itunes for ages, but never paid much attention thereafter. Watch their set at Coachella below and prepare to have your socks knocked.